I just finished a coaching package with Michelle and I am feeling so good! When I started I was doubtful that anything would change for me but as Michelle had a special offer on I decided to sign up just to see what it was all about. I am SO glad that I did, and would now happily pay full price, in fact, double the full price or more for coaching with Michelle. I was so low when I started that I was considering walking out on my family. I felt so unappreciated and was ready to leave. Michelle got me thinking about what I really wanted from my life and she helped me to manage my expectations while at the same time having 100% faith that anything is possible with Allah on my side. Anytime I felt like going back on my hard work Michelle would remind me of why I started and the pain and suffering that I was desperate to leave behind. She helped me to remember that a temporary discomfort as I break through a lifetime of unhelpful habits was better than a lifetime of repeating the same patterns of destructive behaviour. I am going to have regular check in sessions with Michelle so that I continue to strive for myself and my family as this life is far too short to be miserable and the next life is far too long to not strive for the best ending inshaAllah.
Aasia, UK

As salaamo alaikum all,
I am so excited to share with you my journey of overcoming self-doubts and fears.
This beautiful soul Michelle helped me in ways I didn’t think would work. Something you look at and say ‘NAH’ It’s not for me, I have lifetime of issues. How will this method work, or how will asking myself questions going to help me get over my fears?
WELL it did work. Michelle helped me ask the right questions getting me the answers I was looking for. She introduced me to the right language I needed to use to communicate with myself.
Things that looked way too big for me to handle, I took Michelle’s advice and broke them down into SMART steps.
Michelle helped me to overcome my fears and step out of my comfort zone. I am trying and doing things I never thought I would do. I can go on and on about how Michelle has helped me better myself and work on my dreams and aspirations.
SHE IS WORTH YOUR TIME AND WORTH YOUR MONEY. You won’t regret working with her.

Madeeha, Lancashire

I have asked Michelle to change my testimonial so many times because I never feel my words are enough to match up to the help she has given to me. When I first started working with Michelle I was so angry. Angry at friends, family, my poor husband, everyone & everything! The reason being I felt so lost because everyone around me was doing such great things and I never felt I had a purpose. After our third session I enrolled back at college and I now feel excited for my future.
Maryam, London

I went to Michelle because I felt like I was living in a deep dark hole that I was unable to climb out. My relationship with my parents was extremely poor, and I always felt that they were upset with me for not being the daughter they wanted me to be. Working with Michelle has made me realise that my parents were not to blame, and the pressure was actually from myself to myself. Since I have started to do the work to discover more about who I am and what I like and dislike I have found that my relationship with my parents (and others) has changed for the better. I no longer seek validation from friends and family because I now accept myself for who I am. My sessions with Michelle have come to an end, but I will be booking a session every few months to keep myself in this happy place I am in. I used to think therapy or coaching was for people with extreme trauma. Now I realise that everyone could benefit from it as it’s just like having a friend who truly cares and wants you to do better, and be happier.
Farzana, London